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Cyan Shine

I named a front page of my site after this one. I always really liked this one... it was based off of “Fire Planet” (below), but I changed it around quite a bit. Unfortunately, about 3/4 of the way through rendering it, I lost part of the scene file and had to recreate it; you can see a horizontal line where the cyan light becomes darker, since I wasn’t able to match the color exactly. Someday I’ll rerender it!

Created on January 11, 2001

Bright Tree

A lot of work went into this image. The tree was created in POV-Ray’s Scene Description Language with a recursive macro. The whole point of this scene was to recreate the way I once saw the sunlight shine through the trees and into smoke during a barbecue. The real thing was a lot better. =) Sometimes you can see the same effect in a forest on a cloudy morning.

Created on September 14, 2000

Ocean Sphere

This was the only image I ever created with Mega-POV, a popular unnoficial version of POV-Ray. The ripples were defined as an “isosurface” - an object defined by a mathematical function and approximated during rendering. It makes a nice desktop background.

Created on July 9, 2000


I originally planned on the maze being a lot bigger and cooler than it is here. Nonetheless, I am happy with this image.

Created on July 8, 2000


I made this image pretty quickly. I may rerender it someday to make it cleaner; POV-Ray sometimes renders height fields strangely, creating the artifacts at the water level in this image.

Creation date unknown

Fire Planet

This image lost a lot when it was compressed to JPEG format, and I’ve since lost the original copy, so you’ll have to forgive the bad quality. I played around with media a lot in this one, and am more or less happy with the way the fire turned out.

Created on February 5, 2000

Metal Planet

I based this image off a sketch I had done. Although the lighting in this version looks better, the sketch had more detail in it. This was my first real experiment with fog being lit up by light.

Creation date unknown


This was my first ever complete 3D image.

Created on November 30, 1999

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