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Ridge Spill

The product of a couple of days of boredom. The thumbnail doesn’t do this one justice; take a look at the actual image.

Created on August 14, 2005

Blue Blob

This was a simple test of the POV-Ray 3.7 beta. Almost all of the coloring is from the background, and refraction is used to show the blob shape.

Created on April 25, 2005


Autumn was my entry to POVCOMP 2004 and represents three months of work. It was inspired by a scene from the movie Hero. It won 15th place in the contest; for more information and detail images check out the contest entry. Warning: this image is over half a megabyte in size due to the extreme detail.

Created on January 21, 2005

Sphere Cluster

A simple experiment with POV-Ray’s radiosity. The bright background washes out the outer sides of the cluster, but it’s darker inside so you can see into it.

Created on September 15, 2004

Sky Background

This was originally the background of a separate image which was never completed. I liked the sky enough to render a panoramic view and create a simple desktop background out of it. The clouds are fairly fake looking but it’s a pleasing image nonetheless.

Created on September 10, 2004

Red Spheres

This image was inspired by a similar image posted by somebody else (I forget who at this point) on the POV-Ray newsgroups. The idea was to create a contrast between low and high levels of reflection on the surfaces of the spheres.

Created on March 16, 2004

Space Bowling

This was another POV-Pong match with Corey Woodworth. It started with a single sphere, and the bowling theme developed very quickly. One side effect of this sort of collaboration is that the final image may very well make no sense at all. Mostly, I like the colors in this one, although it’s a little busy.

Created on May 30, 2003

Blue Pillars

Partially inspired by a Windows XP background, this image was an experiment with using media to create objects which look solid but are actually volumetric. Although the experiment was a success, the image wasn’t exciting enough to stay on my desktop very long. I was mostly unhappy with the floor texture. Nonetheless, the image is interesting enough to be worth at least a quick look.

Created on April 17, 2003

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