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Padded Cell

This image began in a “POV-Pong” match with POV-Ray 3.5. Halfway through, we decided to work towards submitting it to the IRTC’s still image competition with the theme of “Loneliness.”

Thanks to Corey Woodworth for participating in the match.

Created on August 31, 2002

Many Reflective

I made this image originally in an attempt to find a fast algorithm for randomly placing thousands of spheres without overlapping any. I only partially succeeded. This is the result; I slightly blurred parts in Photoshop to clean up POV-Ray’s focal blur graininess.

Created on April 23, 2002

Real Water

When POV-Ray 3.5 beta first came out, I wanted to create a scene with media photons, and this seemed like the coolest way of experimenting with that. The barely-visible seaweed is made up of sphere sweeps, another POV-Ray 3.5 feature. Due to what I believed were bugs in the beta, I wasn’t able to finish this image until about half a year after I started it. Lots of people think the bubbles are unrealistic.

Created on April 7, 2002


At the time I made this image, my friend was working on a fighting game (similar to Street Fighter, etc). I made this as a potential background for that game. Like so many projects, the game has not been completed.

This image is one of my first experiments with POV-Ray 3.5 beta’s new media sampling method; notice how the fog has a much smoother, less grainy appearance than older images.

Created on December 17, 2001

Mountain with Clouds

Upon the realization that POV-Ray’s media feature could create realistic clouds, I began work on this image. I am very happy with the result, although I think the clouds are a little too flat.

Created on July 12, 2001

Free Float

This image is yet another experimentation with media. I’m not particularly proud of this one; I threw it together quickly, and it’s very similar to my older pieces.

Creation date unknown

Pixel Ruler

Don’t bother using this image on anything other than a 1024x768 resolution desktop. It has a “ruler” of pixels - each block is 100 pixels. This was useful from time to time when I needed to measure the width and height of a browser window while designing an HTML page.

Created on March 27, 2001


I made this image fairly quickly; I expected it to look a lot prettier than it did. It also came out fairly grainy because of the large amount of media (fog).

Created on February 12, 2001

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