Help for Gladiator

Introduction to The Game

Gladiator is a game in which you fight enemies to gain experience, so that you can fight stronger enemies. Your goal is to gain 150 experience points so that you can fight the dragon king, the final (and hardest) enemy of the game. (Yes, there is a small prize for completing the game.)

Before You Begin

Before you can start playing, you need to create a character. To do this, click on the button labeled "Create New Character." If you do not see a button, then your browser does not support JavaScript. You will need to update your browser. You will then specify your character's name, strength, and weakness. Don't worry: you will be able to change all this later.

You can have up to three characters on one computer. You cannot access them from another computer. If you want to switch to a different character, click on "Switch Characters."

When you have created a character, you can change them by clicking on "Edit Current Character." You can also delete them by clicking on "Delete Current Character." Finally, to begin playing, click on "Continue Character's Game."

There are options below "Continue Character's Game" to change the text delay speed and the amount of lines of text shown during the game.

Playing the Game

You will take turns with your opponent. You will always go first, and then there will be a pause while your opponent does something. The box will display what you and your opponent have chosen to do. Keep an eye on your HP (Health Points) and your MP (Magic Points). Also watch your opponent's HP. You cannot normaly see their MP.

On your turn, click on "Attack" to try to hurt your opponent. This will reduce their HP based on your experience.

When you have at least 10 experience points, you can cast spells. Do this by clicking on "Cast Spell." Each time you cast a spell, you will use some of your MP. Every turn, you will gain a small amount back. Some spells hurt your opponent, and others heal you. There are three main types of spells that hurt your opponent: fire, ice, and explosion. Learn your enemy's weakness! Also, understand that your own strength will not affect how much you hurt an opponent with a spell; it will only affect how much they hurt you with a spell. Each of your enemies will have to learn for themselves what your weakness is. When you are far through the game, it is generally a good idea to only use the stronger spells. The older spells will do much less damage on your opponent.

On your turn, you can also parry. This will do two things: Your opponent's next attack on you will be weaker, and you will gain more magic than you usually do on your next turn.

If you realize that your opponent is too strong for you, you may choose to "Run." You will not gain any experience when you do this. Realize that the only advantage of this is to save time; there is no penalty for losing a fight.

Some last notes...

At the beginning of the game, all you can do is attack. You may think at this point that the game will be boring - but be patient and wait until you get some spells. It gets more exciting as you go along.

This game is mainly designed to be used with Internet Explorer 5.0. If you do not have version 5.0, you will probably have to set the number of lines to 1. And if you don't have IE at all, then there is no garuntee that the game will work. However, I have done all I can to make it compatible with many browsers, so if you find an bug, e-mail me and tell me a) what browser you have, b) what the error was, and c) what line number it was on (If your browser tells you that). Thank you for your cooperation!

Have fun!

- Slime






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