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Welcome to Slime's home page

Hello! This is my home page. If you came here because you were searching for something completely different on a search engine, and you really had no idea you were coming here, stick around and take a quick look. I'm working 'round the clock to make this page better. (Or maybe I only work on it now and then. But really, which is more likely?) If you only have time to look at one thing, make it the funny stuff.

Hey! Did you notice my new web page layout? Actually, I haven't added anything extra to the page, but the new look sure makes it appear that way, huh? I hope that all six people who come here now and then like it!

Just kidding. Not that many people come to this page.

But have fun anyway!

Funny stuff My collection of jokes. Please e-mail me some and help me add to it!
Games Play games online! No download required. You will need a JavaScript-enabled browser.
Cool Links Some fun links to check out


E-mail me with suggestions: slime@slimeland.com
But who am I kidding? This E-mail has been here for about half a year and I think it's been used... um... twice. By my best friend.