Many people enjoy this addition to my page. All three people who come here like it! You can play these games without downloading them, if your browser supports JavaScript. Let me warn you now - they might not work under Netscape Navigator. Have an idea for a new game, or have you found a bug? Please E-mail me! Have fun!

Update (March 29 2003): This page seems to be getting a little popular. Apparently it's high in google's list for "Slime Games" (why on earth are people searching for such a thing?). I'm glad it's finally getting some recognition, since I worked hard on these games when I made them. They were some of my original JavaScript projects. However, this page is approximately four years old at this point, and I've progressed a lot since I made it. While I haven't created any new games, I may do so in the future, and I've done lots of other random things. I encourage you to check out the front page to see what else there is on this site, and to take a look at my weblog where any potential new projects will be announced.

Hide and Seek
Dr. Slime


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