Web Design

Obviously, one of the things I like to do is design web pages. Aside from the one you're looking at now, I've also made a few others, some big, some small. I've linked to most of them from here for you to look at, if you like.

I'll start off with the bigger ones. These are the ones that I've really spent a significant amount of time on, and actually have real content. A couple of these were made for other people. Oh, and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to mention that if anyone out there would like me to design a page for them, I'm willing to work for money, hah =)

Who Stands?
I made this page for a local worship band from my church. It's one of my better ones, I think, although it's fairly simple as far as the graphics go.
Voyagers For Christ
This one's for my church youth group; I did the actual design about half a year ago.
My Astronomy Page
This page wasn't made for someone else. I made it for an astronomy class at school, and it's got a lot of different labs and such on it. Some of it's pretty interesting, you may want to check it out.

The following pages aren't such huge projects. They're just little things that I've put together here and there; a lot of them are older versions of this site. Note that some of the older pages may not work on Netscape 6.

The infinite slime page
This was the previous version of my site. It has much more DHTML, including the floating slime that's gravitationally attracted to the cursor.
The starry page
Although this has a few fancy DHTML tricks in it, I really sort of put the whole thing together really quickly, and the design isn't great. In fact, it doesn't have anything that my original home page didn't have (see below).
My original home page
Well, it's not really the original original. I changed the original into this without saving it, and now I don't have it any longer. Anyway, there are some really neat things in this one, including three simple JavaScript games which only work in Internet Explorer. If you're using that, check it out, you won't regret it.
This page doesn't contain any content. I just made it because I like the way it looks.

Some of my other work is available at the fun stuff page.