Fun Stuff

Ever since I first learned JavaScript, I've been creating random little games and things that are fun to play around with. Some of the original ones are the best; if you're good at puzzle games, take a look at Drop - it's my own creation, and I think it's a really good game. One of the first things I made with JavaScript, in fact.

Just a warning: If you're not using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, most of these may not work. The older ones don't even work on Netscape Navigator. If you're using Internet Explorer on Windows, you're all set. Take a look!

My original Page
Go here and click on the "games" link on the left for all the original games I made, including Drop and Gladiator (also very fun, and addictive). I'm not sure anyone's ever won Drop but me, but I know someone can do it, it's not that hard. These games are the best of everything here, I think. You'll need cookies enabled so that you can save your game(s). Hey, if you're the first to win Drop, and tell me so, I'll give you credit on this page for a while; it's a big acheivement.
The Star Cube
This is an example of JavaScript used for 3D effects. Take a look, this one is neat to look at.
The SlimeCam
Everyone else has a web cam, here's mine!
The Gravitational Slime
This is my previous front page. The slime is pulled towards your cursor just like massive objects orbiting in space, using real physics! It's pretty neat, you can try to make him do little figure eights and stuff.
The Slime Launcher
Unfortunately, you need to have a large resolution to be able to use this page. But if you do, it can be pretty amusing for a good ten minutes or so!
This is a pretty neat one. I used DHTML to copy the exact workings of the Windows operating system. Seriously, this page works exactly like Windows does, no exceptions.