Welcome to Slime's home page

I've always been fascinated by computer graphics. I started out with POV-Ray (www.povray.org), and made a lot of neat 3D images with that. A lot of them make great desktop backgrounds!

Look at my 3D rendered images!

I love making little "toys" with JavaScript and DHTML. I've made complicated games and little silly things. Here you can see some of the things I've made. You can plan on seeing more soon!

The SlimeCam - my own personal web-cam!
The StarCube - a rotating 3D cube made of stars.
The Slime Launcher - launch slimes from cannons and watch what happens!

I haven't written much, as of when this page was completed, but here's at least one thing...

Java vs JavaScript - A random bit of information that every web designer should know.

Hey! Thanks for coming here from the Gurus Network! I hope you like what you find here; if you have any questions, either email me or ask them on the discussions page at www.gurusnetwork.com.

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